Happening in Dragon Age:

Just had a chat with Shale about his time spent immobile in Honnleath. Apparently he was a frequent bird perch, and is quite sensitive about how.. Messy they were.

I love this game.

EA @ Gamescom

Did anyone miss the great reveals from EA this week at Gamescom?

We were treated to some extensive Dragon Age: Inquisition gameplay, in-depth FIFA 15 info, a close look at Battlefield Hardline's campaign - and loads more content to look forward to.

If you missed out on the news or fancy a recap, take a look at my conference roundup here!

Gfinity G3: eSports Weekend

Here’s a lowdown on what me and joe-brady got up to at G3 last weekend! It was such a good opportunity to witness some of our favourite professional gaming squads and see the popularity eSports is now achieving. 

Check out the full round-up here!

It’s happened.. The big, black glowy ship has landed.

I am so happy with my XBOX One! It’s been such a treat watching Gamescom streams and knowing I’ll be able to play some of these glorious upcoming titles. I grabbed a copy of Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag a few days ago too, and spent the entirety of yesterday in a piratey pillaging blur.

[lets all appreciate the Jake mugs nonchalantly sidling in on this photo too guys.]


Dead Poets Society [Peter Weir, 1989]


Dead Poets Society [Peter Weir, 1989]

Better late than never. :)
I’ve been waiting for you, Forza bundle!

We made it! Looking forward to a chilled Cropredy Festival weekend in the gorgeous Oxfordshire countryside. (at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention)

I’ve just completed a shedload of Dragon Age quests down in the Deep Roads.. That was intense!

I love how you can always feel like you’re progressing through this game in so many ways - the bosses feel well thought out and a worthy challenge, and tweaking each character’s tactics and play style to fit different enemies as well as the team dynamic always makes your play seem better. 

Also, how many hours can you put into this game?! 

I had an absolute blast these past few days at Gfinity G3! So much can be said about the move eSports have made to get to this level, where arenas are jammed with a living, moving crowd of fans supporting their favourite squads and players. 

I’ll have more news and photos of what we got up to in the next few days!

It’s championship Sunday at @gfinityuk #G3!