I love Alien. I admire survival-horror games, despite not having the greatest backbone.. And I want so bad for Alien: Isolation to be a wonderful blend of retro science-fiction, tense atmosphere and the sheer terror that’s caused by even looking at a Xenomorph. A decent narrative wouldn’t go amiss, too. 

Click here for my little Eurogamer preview of this newly released title! 

Full review inbound.

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BigRedBarrel at EGX last weekend!

I was so happy to meet some of the lovely people that I’ve only known as names in email threads for the past year.

If you want an inside look at some of the games and developer sessions that were running over the weekend, keep an eye on the website here!

I’ve been saying how much I want a real speeder..

I had so much fun today at Eurogamer Expo! I also met some of the lovely faces behind www.bigredbarrel.com after a year+ writing with them.

Fingers crossed next year I’ll be able to take in the whole weekend rather than just the one day!

Thanks for a great day, Eurogamer! I had a chance to see some faces I’ve long waited to meet. #EGX

After a super busy week moving out and starting university Eurogamer Expo has flown round the corner!

That’s not to say I’m not extremely excited. I can’t wait to sample the games on the floor, and this year’s show is absolutely killer, with huge titles like The Witcher 3, Advanced Warfare, Dragon Age: Inquisition and plenty more that have been playable across the whole weekend!

I’ll have previews of certain games inbound in the next week or two. For anyone else spending time at the show’s last day today, I hope you have a blast!

Goodbye wall! (Until you’re reassembled in my new room.) 😃

I had a great naval-battling session in AC: Black Flag last night. Imagine my surprise at spotting this amazing sailing ship on the Thames today! I hope it has a crows nest.

I dance in the face of Danger. 

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Pantheon / Rome. Take me back to this incredible city and country. Looking forward to travel planning next summer! #interrail #rome