Hi! My name’s Katherine, and I’m a soon-to-be English Literature/History uni student. Currently on a gap year, I’ve spent the past 9 or so months writing for this website, working full-time in retail and saving up some cash in order to fulfill one of my dreams - all-out travel. As of the end of June, I’ll be wandering several countries in Europe with my closest friend. Hopefully I’ll come back with more than a few stories to tell.

Aside from the fun that comes with writing reviews, I’m a bibliophile that gobbles up anything of a fantastical or sci-fi nature. My love of books is a hobby since childhood, whilst gaming still feels relatively new to me - there’s always more to explore and experience, and it feels like a really exciting time for video games to show off innovation and diversity.

I’ve always enjoyed Tumblr as a personalised platform, hence my mingling of personal posts, rebloggin’s and links. I also love finding blogs of those with mutual interests and passions, so don’t be shy! :)