I’m Katherine, currently in 6th Form studying Media, English Lit and History. I love reading - particularly Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Horror and Crime; I’m also a big fan of films of the same genres, my favourites being Back to the Future, The Matrix, The Shining, LOTR and Indiana Jones. The past year I’ve been completely absorbed by games so much more than before, which is awesome - I’ve missed out on so much! Skyrim is the reason for this. That game took over my life. 

Basically I love fictional stories, which makes working in writing pretty much my ideal career. I’m hugely into cultural/ancient history and plan to spend a gap year working, saving money and spending a few months travelling to (fingers crossed!) Egypt and Italy; hopefully I’ll even be able to visit Greece and Cambodia. I don’t want to feel rushed. I’m looking forward to university so much, but I’m also looking forward to gaining some perspective from being out of education and seeing some new places. 

Very happily taken by this amazing human being:

I met Joe in Menorca last year, and he somehow didn’t run away screaming, despite my horrible chlorine-smelling hair and no makeup. He still amazes me on a daily basis. :) He’s also super talented, here’s proof: www.joebrady.co.uk